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SecureAPlus Premium 4.2 (100% Discount)

Posted: May 18, 2016 at 05:08   /   by   /   comments (0)

SecureAPlus Premium 4.2.1-media-1

SecureAPlus Premium 4.2 (100% Discount)

Not all new Malware is immediately detectable by Anti-Virus engines. By the time they can, it may be too late. Get 100% Protection All the Time

SecureAPlus is not just a traditional Anti-Virus software. It’s the world’s best Application Whitelisting Software combined with a powerful Anti-Virus solution.

SecureAPlus covers all possible points of entry into your system, preventing any threats from invading and gaining access to your data.

Only your trusted applications can run at any time. Whitelisting prevents any hidden attempts by advanced malware & viruses from ever succeeding.

Higher detection rates with the combined strength of more than 10 anti-virus engines scanning your files in the cloud without impacting performance.

Keep your documents safe & private by scanning them with the built-in anti-virus.

Absolute 360° Protection

24/7. Military Grade. More than 10 Anti-Virus Engines. Stay informed & secure from all threats online or offline all the time.

Time Saving

Boot up with no slow down through discrete full system scans in less than a minute so you can instantly work or play.

Software Friendly

Our powerful application whitelisting works well with other popular anti-viruses that you may already use.

Minimal Resources

Enjoy minimal process drain by leveraging the power of the cloud while saving crucial resources for other applications.

Better than Any Single Anti-Virus

Application Whitelisting is known for 2 things – Military Grade Security & Complexity.

High security establishments, such as the military, use application whitelisting to ensure that all applications running or launched belong to an approved and strictly maintained list.

While incredibly secure, traditional application whitelisting required a committed team of IT professionals to reliably implement. With SecureAPlus, anybody can setup a powerful Application Whitelist.

SecureAPlus makes application whitelisting clean and simple without compromising the high level of security that you’ve come to expect from larger establishments.

With a friendly interface and modern controls you can finally enjoy a tighter grasp on security without much impact to your everyday use.

The bread and butter of any anti-virus software is it’s library of virus and malware definitions.

With at least 227,000* new viruses and malware created everyday, no one library comes close to detecting all new viruses.

SecureAPlus bridges the gap by running multiple** popular and trusted anti-virus engines, working together in the cloud for better and faster detection rates with minimal resource drain than your typical Anti-Virus software.

Currently, there are 12 antivirus engines in the Universal AV Server, namely Emsisoft, Avira, Sophos, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essential, ESET, Bitdefender, AVG, Norman, Quick Heal, Total Defense and Clamwin.

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