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AeroAdmin PRO (100% discount) – 1 year pro

Posted: November 18, 2016 at 08:48   /   by   /   comments (0)


AeroAdmin – EASY remote desktop software!

AeroAdmin requires no installation, registration and configuration. Its small in size (~2 Mb) and can be started up in less than a minute.

It’s perfect for times when you need to connect to a remote PC as soon as possible for either a full on remote control session or a simple file transfer.

Key Features

  • Works without registration, installation and configuration
  • Connects computers behind NAT
  • Branding + access rights preconfiguration
  • Small in size, portable
  • Built-in ticket sending system for helpdesk
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Unattended access
  • Remote user logoff, reboot (including in safe mode)
  • Total AES + RSA encryption
  • 3-factor authentication
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

How It Works?

AeroAdmin shows an ID number every time it’s opened. This number is what needs to be shared for someone else to connect to the computer. This number is static and bound to computer hardware, meaning it doesn’t change over time. You can also use your IP address instead of the ID.

The admin computer needs to enter the client ID to make a connection. When the admin tries to make a connection for the first time, the remote client needs to enable access rights, such as screen viewing, keyboard and mouse control, file transfer, and clipboard syncing. The client can give or revoke any of these rights. Session will start immediately after client accepted the connection.

AeroAdmin offers a very flexible 3-factor authentication system. In addition to manual accept of incoming connections remote admin can be authenticated by hardware ID or by password, or in a combined mode what adds extra security.

Ticket Sending System

AeroAdmin provides built-in option for instant sending of help requests to admin email. The messages are sent in a form of tickets containing all necessary data for instant connection. In fact, remote client can send help request to admin in a couple of clicks.

Usage and benefits

  • Perfect for spontaneous and regular tech support
  • Can be used for remote monitoring and parental control
  • Perfect for remote office